Feb 7 2023

7 Unique Corporate Event Ideas for 2023


Who said corporate events have to be boring? Events in the company are a primary mode for your employees to engage, sales to increase, and everyone in the organization to come together. It is only fair to invest some time and energy into coming up with corporate event ideas that align with your budget and […]

Dec 12 2022

Why hire a professional event planner for corporate events?


Event planning is not as easy as many people think. Even a little in-office function requires a lot of planning and organization. Well, planning isn’t the difficult part; it is the execution of that plan. To many HRs, an event planner is an additional expense they can avoid by doing things themselves. But do you […]

Dec 5 2022

Guide To Creating A Comprehensive Corporate Event Planning Checklist


The COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being relaxed, and corporate offices are getting back on track with in-office staff, festival celebrations, and corporate events. If it has been a long time since you planned a corporate event, and you’re feeling a little rusty, this quick guide is for you. Unlike our family gatherings, corporate events require […]

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